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Associate, Project Manager

She was born in 1976 in Krakow.
She got the bachelor degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Krakow, attended the Master in Architecture at the Royal Institute of British Architects, and also achieved a three-year master’s degree in International Relations.

In 2005 she moved to Italy, where she worked with several architectural firms in Padua. From 2007 to 2013, the Store Designer Agnieszka Korbiel, part of GEOX Retail Design & Construction Office, designed and delivered many stores for the brand in Italy, France, Europe and outside Europe. Additionally, Agnieszka is co-author of the GEOX CORNER’s new concept, designed for the brand in 2013.

In 2013 she began working as an associate and project manager of Midi 4 Retail.

Quadrilingual : French / Italian / Polish / English


Associate, Project Manager

He was born in 1973 in Italy. He got the bachelor degree in building engineering.

After some experience in engineering company, in 2008 he was hired by DAINESE S.p.A. as store planner and project manager; he assured the construction of retail outlets, owned and franchised, Single-Brand stores and shop-in-shops, in European and non-European level.

Many projects were carried out in important commercial cities such as Chicago, Paris, Malaga, Milan, Frankfurt, Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok and Bangalore.

In 2013 he began working as an associate and project manager of Midi 4 Retail.

Trilingual : Italian / English / French


Arch. Elisabetta CASTELLANO – Consulente e partner

Arch. Wladyslaw KORBIEL – Consulente e partner

Ing. Dario FONTANA – Responsabile progetti impianti

Ing. Frédéric BROZZETTI – Consulente Contrôle Technique

Arch. Marco ZEZZA – Partner rilievi fotogrammetrici

Arch. Karolina BROSZKIEWICZ – 3D Artist

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Siamo un team specializzato nel supporto delle aziende in tutte le fasi di aperture di punti di vendita, dalla presentazione pratiche apertura lavori e chiusura, del retail interior design con industrializzazione degli arredi anche su misura, ricerca delle imprese locali, gestione di cantiere, collaudi e manutenzioni.


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